My name is Patrick Brooks and I like playing with pixels

HTML, CSS, Javascript, and PHP are always fun too

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A Little About Me

Hey there, my name is Patrick Brooks.
I'm a 22 year old human located in the sunny, drought-ridden city of Oceanside, CA.
I am a front-end developer who is detail oriented, pixel-perfect, and takes pride in his work. I'm flexible and always eager to learn because there's just way too much out there on the web not to learn.

Trustworthy Testimonials

"Patrick was integrated into critical projects and new initiatives, which has led to the successful launch of a number of Lionheart Digital website properties and custom projects requiring a variety of web and graphic skills."

-Charles Bryant, Lead Web Developer Lionheart Digital

"His personality in the office makes him an invaluable asset. He is well liked by all his peers and always keeps the mood light while at the same time pushing projects forward."

-Chris Morgan, Vice President EPMG360

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Patrick Brooks


San Diego, CA. United States

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